22. April 2017 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Re-fill the mug, go to loo, stretch

Let's try something fun during this break.

Truth... or dare?

Try to complete at least one of these below. Who knows, you might even have fun.

  • Dare Nr.1: Can you give 4 people high five?
  • Dare Nr.2: Can you giggle like it’s your birthday?
  • Dare Nr.3: Do the twist for 30 seconds. Pretend like no one is watching.

Let's throw in a little bit of stretching

Stand up. Stretch your arms overhead and lace your fingers together, turn the palms to the ceiling. Breathe out and stretch to the right.

Take a deep breath in and come up to the center. Breathe out and stretch to the left.

Place your arms back at your side. Take a deep breath in and lift your shoulders up to your ears. Breathe out and let shoulders drop.

Repeat 3 times.

Done. Break over.