22. April 2017 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Meet the volunteers who are making WebCamp Ljubljana happen. We estimate that about 256 cups of coffee will be emptied in preparation for this event.

Jure Čuhalev
Knows about everything

Klemen Robnik
Knows about management

Mojca Berce
Knows about logistic

Alja Isaković
Knows about Internet of Things

Heidi Pungartnik
Knows about design

Erika Pogorelc
Knows about talks

Žan Anderle
Knows about talks

Mateja Verlič Brunčič
Knows about sparks

Maja Voje
Force of awesomeness

Ana Sustič
Force of awesomeness

Special thanks

We know that an event is as only as good as it's volunteers and this year it was great! A big THANK YOU to all of you who helped us made run everything as smooth as possible:

Domen Babič
Sabina Bevc
Goran Blažič
Eva Bolcina
Andraž Brodnik
Tatjana Ceh
Veronika Čemažar
Vesna Drofenik
Ela Eterović
Žan Fras
Jure Jakin

Zoran Kajba
Marin Kajba
Anja Koletnik
Nik Lisjak
Alexander Marinšek
Miha Merkun
Vesna Murn
Matevž Pesek
Tina Rozman
Marko Zagožen
Domen Zajc
Barbara Završnik

We're only human, so we might have missed you out of the list. This doesn't mean we're not grateful!